Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas


From the creator of Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey who have helped millions of kids across the world introduces Dog Man: The Lord of Fleas.

Dog Man is Dav Pilkey’s newest graphic novel series. The author made sure that the story is packed with action and the main character Dog Man follows humorous adventures. Dog Man is part-policeman and part-dog, and this is his love letter to the dog. The storyline of Dog Man celebrates the enthusiasm and silliness as well the endearing, crazy, and funny things that dogs would do. This book is somewhat comedic, but there are also serious themes such as redemption, fate, empathy, abandonment and free will — great for young kids and older kids, Dog man: Lord of Fleas tackle morality.

With a bunch of new badass in tow, part dog and part police Dog Man is summoned into action. And this time, he’s not alone. With a remarkable robot and cute kitten on his side, these heroes are going to save the day by making unlikely ally with the World’s Most Evil Cat, Petey. However, will Petey avoid vengeance and join forces with Dog Man? Check out this book and discover it by yourself.

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