The Four Agreements: Put an End to Negative Beliefs


Self-limiting beliefs lead to suffering and lack of fulfillment, affecting your relationship with relatives, friends, and colleagues. These also lessen your passion for your work, making you unproductive and ineffective.

Putting an end to self-limiting beliefs is hard. The fact that people don’t know how to overcome those thoughts make it more difficult to handle. But knowing the source of self-limiting beliefs changes everything. Developed to help people, this book reveals the sources of such negative thoughts. You’d know the things that rob your joy.

The Four Agreements provides an effective code of conduct that will help each reader. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, it can transform your life into what you dream of. You can achieve true happiness, unconditional love, and new freedom.

Providing the readers with an opportunity to reflect, The Four Agreements has been a New York Times bestseller for more than 8 years. There are approximately 6 million copies sold throughout the US. Plus, it’s available in 40 languages worldwide.

Do self-beliefs limit your success and happiness? Spend time to read The Four Agreements. Available at a competitive rate, you’ll never regret adding this book to cart!

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