The Plant Paradox Cookbook


Most people ask. “What are the best ways to lose weight?” Well, The Plant Paradox gives you an interesting answer that helps you lose weight and more.  Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiac surgeon and bestselling author, share with you the hidden toxins found in healthy foods. The Plant Paradox gives you a fresh and healthy way to change the foods inside your pantry in favor of healthy meals. You would be surprised to get tips that help you lose weight and offer your family healthy meals.

Dr. Gundry also shows you how to prepare lectin-free meals. You would love to try the recipes, and you would have a healthy lifestyle. You would learn new recipes that are perfect for main meals, breakfasts, desserts, and snacks. Readers would learn a lectin-free approach that gives them benefits to eat healthy meals.

Each page of The Plant Paradox has helpful insights into how you would lose weight and eat lectin-free meals.  You would be delighted to read the recipes and cook it for your family. One good thing: the book comes in a detailed instruction of each recipe. It would be simple and fast for you to cook lectin-free meals and more. The Plant Paradox is an excellent book you should read.

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