The Pout-Pout Fish: Make Kids Happy


The Pout-Pout Fish is a source of happiness for my kids. Credit goes to Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna for sharing their talents.

As a mom, I’ve been surprised how my boys behaved at home. They didn’t talk much. They’re a loner. Well, they also smiled, but it happened once in a blue moon. I didn’t know why they frown throughout the day.

So, I decided to enroll them in a social activity, but it didn’t help. I bought The Pout-Pout Fish of Diesen and Hanna and saw a significant improvement. They changed a lot. They talk to me now often, and I love it.

The Pout-Pout Fish is full of fun without a doubt. Every line is packed with humor. It’s simple, but the effect is enormous. Another thing that my kids love about the book is the illustration. It’s unique, colorful, creative, and attractive. Nothing can beat its cover, too. All kids are more likely to turn the pages until the last one.

As a New York Times bestseller, The Pout-Pout Fish has been a favorite of many kids and even grown-ups. Not only is it effective to share happiness, but it is also cost-effective.

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