The President Is Missing


Who would have thought that a threat couldn’t only affect Wall Street or Pennsylvania Avenue but also America? The President is Missing gives you a thrilling and interesting look at the vulnerabilities and inner life in the US. If you like a suspenseful reading experience, this book gives you the twists that keep you turning every page. Readers would enjoy the contents on the book that presents fascinating facts you would be surprised to read.

The President is Missing is set in three days, but that’s enough to entertain you in your seat.  You would be thrilled to know the novel’s ending as suspense capture your interest. New York Best Selling Author James Patterson gives readers a good book that they shouldn’t miss.  Also, Bill Clinton offers you the ideas and insights you would be amazed to know.

The President is Missing would make every reader thrilled to find out what a threat can do to the United States. Avid readers of political suspense would be excited to read this book as it presents a fresh formula to the political thriller genre. Read The President is Missing, and you would be hooked until the last page. Be prepared to read a book filled with mystery, suspense, and thriller!

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