The Wonderful Things You Will Be


No words can express the parents’ unconditional love for their children. But The Wonderful Things You Will Be makes it possible. Written by Emily Winfield Martin, The Wonderful Things You Will Be composes of rhythmic rhymes that express the loving things that parents ponder for their kids.

Made out of love, the book is touching, relatable, and sentimental. Intended to show love for children, The Wonderful Things You Will Be celebrates the dreams and acceptance that parents have for their kids.

People also love the book’s beautiful and humorous illustrations. It’s catchy and fascinating. It’s no wonder why grown-ups love reading it to kids over and over again. While it’s designed for toddlers, your teenagers will appreciate it as well. Although the designs are childish, the message is deep and meaningful, which is perfect to old ones.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is also an ideal gift for all occasions. It’s perfect for birthdays, graduation, and baby showers. While it only costs $10.83, the message makes it more valuable. The thoughts are so loving and truthful, making an impact on your children’s lives for a lifetime.

Celebrate love, happiness, and acceptance for your kids with this simple book!

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