Whose Boat is this Boat?


This is a picture book made wholly of passages and lines from Donald Trump, President of the United States in the wake of Hurricane Florence. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert created this book – a very popular a CBS show that airs late and popular stars, Stephen Colbert. It’s the first children book which shows things not to say after a disaster.

On the 19th of September, 2018, Trump paid a visit to North Carolina. He visited New Bern, one of the many towns devastated by Hurricane Florence.  There, Trump expressed deep concern for a boat which washed ashore. Pres. Donald Trump to victim hurricane, “At least you got a nice boat out of a deal.  “Have a good time!” he said to victims. The only way Trump’s comments would be right is in the framework of a children’s book. Thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert show staff, now you can experience them that way.

This book is a brilliant teaching tool for anyone regardless of sexual preference and ages as well, who enjoy knowing about understanding and compassion by process of riddance or elimination. Reading this book will surely give you a good time.

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