You Are a Badass


This is a self-help book that is perfect for people desperately looking for ways to improve their life yet do not want to go to jail while doing so.

You Are a Badass is an entertaining and refreshing how-to-guide on how to stop doubting yourself. Get a copy of this book an discover the best the world-traveling success coach and best-selling author Jen Sinero sage advice, easy exercises, inspiring stories, and the occasional swear word can help you succeed and live an awesome life. This book with a guide you on how to identify elf sabotaging behaviors and beliefs and change them. With this guide, you will discover things that are stopping you from getting the life that you want and create a life that you love.

This book will be able to give you insight why you’re stuck on the ruts that you usually do. It also grants you with insight with your fear of money and enables you to get rid of all the excuses from earning money. If you did not get inspired in making changes in your life after reading the book, then you did not pay much attention to every chapter as you read and you must reread it.

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