Giraffes Can’t Dance Board Book


Guy Parker-Rees bestselling Giraffes Can’t Dance story is now a board book. This book is about the
touching tale of Gerald the Giraffe who dreams to learn to dance. With thin legs and crooked knees, it’s almost impossible to Giraffe to learn how to dance then you would think.

As the story goes on, Gerald is finally able to learn how to dance with his melody when he receives words of encouragement from an unlikely acquaintance. With high stepping illustrations and light-footed rhymes, Giraffes Can’t Dance story of inspiration for children with great dreams.

Great for young kids, the story of Gerald the Giraffe incorporates different dance forms such as tango, waltz, and rock n’ roll. The story also introduces infant classes to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. This book has been a best seller for more than 15 years, and it’s now a board book. This has become possible because of the powerful messages in the story such as accepting others and daring to be different.

The rhythm story of Giraffes Can’t delight young kids and even older kids. This will get them stomping and jumping along the rhythm.

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